About Us

about us siesta home

Siesta Home was born from the desire to bring light, love and laughter to the bedroom and beyond.

The brainchild of Melbourne based designer Joh Lyle, every heartfully created design is vibrant, colourful and adventurous: an invitation to play. 

Drawing on influences from her European travels and colourful memories, Siesta Home collections are a postcard from Joh's former life as an Olympic snowboarder.

"I remember being the most colourful snowboarder when I was in the 2006 & 2010 Winter Olympics."

Now a mother of 2, Joh pursued her passion for interior styling and creating beautifully luxe, heart warming spaces after retiring from her Olympic career. Her artful eye and her penchant for colour resulted in a 7 month long passion project renovating her Melbourne home.

While renovating, Joh's natural gravitation towards colours, patterns and prints led her to start designing her own unique bedding collections, with a plan to inspire people to have fun and experiment with their bedding too.

Within 2 months of launching Siesta Home, Joh's own home was featured in Real Living Magazine and the rest they say, is history.

The Siesta Home vision is a simple one: "to fill your life with colour, pattern and a sense of adventure."

We source the highest grade of materials to produce high quality and luxe bedding, duvet covers, pillowcases and cushions that can be mixed and matched to suit your home's interiors. We encourage people to match their moods with our bed sheets!

We believe that the simple act of changing your sheets can bring about a positive and refreshing energy to your bedroom. And who doesn't love fresh sheets?!

While our collections are stylish, they are not driven by trend. We are inspired by art, colours, patterns and life itself.

Mix & match to create your own #SiestaStyle.