Nomad Collection

Nomad Collection

We are so excited to finally launch our new NOMAD collection alongside our new-look website!

About Nomad

The story behind Nomad is inspired by a feeling of wanderlust, being in nature, and starry nights.

We recently bought a farm in Strathcreek and have fallen in love with the stunning countryside views. The farm is very hilly, with lots of gorges and rivers and amazing scenery to feel recharged and inspired. We have been spending most of our weekends at the farm with our kids, camping and enjoying the outdoors.

Being surrounded by the natural beauty of all the colours and patterns in the countryside has definitely played its part in the new collection; from the green grass, trees and shrubs, to the pink and lavender native flowers, grey rock formations, peachy soft sunsets and dusty brown soil (that the kids love playing in) that create patterns in the land. Speaking of patterns - the clear skies you see at night are filled with amazing little stars!

I have always been drawn to colour and experimenting with mixing and matching different tones. Every design has been carefully chosen to complement each other - which is why some are reversible! The concoction of colour and play on patterns is something that gives Nomad its unique personality.

All these little elements worked together beautifully when designing Nomad, and I hope they spark a feeling of joy in nature and appreciation of its beautiful creations every time they are used.

Best of all? We've kept it luxe. The collection features beautiful, high quality materials including cotton linen, cotton velvet and cotton percale. 

Nomad is for anyone who dreams of wandering, and wonders to dream.

I hope you enjoy the collection just as much as I enjoyed creating it!
- Joh x


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Off The Grid / Sunset Reversible Duvet | Wild Lavender Pom Pom Throw | Star Gazing Pillowcase | Fern Velvet Euro Pillowcase | Off The Grid Pillowcase

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Fern Velvet / Storm Dust Reversible Duvet | Wild Lavender Pom Pom Throw | Gypsy Pillowcase | Sunset Euro PillowcaseOff The Grid Pillowcase | Fern Round Velvet Cushion | Black Stripe Cushion

get the look nomad collection siesta home

Retrospect Reversible Duvet | Star Gazing Pillowcase | Nostalgic Nature Euro Pillowcase | Revival Pillowcase | Wild Lavender Pom Pom Throw

get the look nomad collection siesta home

Off The Grid / Sunset Reversible Duvet | Sun Set Fitted Sheet | Fern Round Velvet Cushion | Off The Grid Pillowcase | Sunset PillowcaseFerm Velvet Euro Pillowcase 

get the look nomad collection siesta home

Gypsy / Storm Dust Reversible Duvet | Gypsy / Fern Pom Pom Cushion | Wild Lavender Pom Pom Throw

nomad collection siesta home

Star Gazing / Gypsy Reversible DuvetGypsy / Fern Pom Pom Cushion 

nomad collection siesta home

Gypsy / Storm Dust Reversible Duvet | Storm Dust PillowcaseSunset Pillowcase | Ferm Velvet Euro Pillowcase 

Art Direction: Joh Lyle
Styling: Jess Viscarde
Photography: Suzi Appel